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Sophie Boyer was born and raised in France. She has been studying Buddhism and practising meditation for 20 years.

Her years spent in nursing care in  palliative care units, and in numerous retirement homes, allowed her to develop a solid experience concerning the last moments of life.

She trained with Mrs Marie de Hennezel, a psychologist integrating the first palliative care unit in France and author of “Intimate death”.

She has also done many silent retreats in centres such as Gaia House in England, the Forest Refuge, and the insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, USA. 

Her interest in animals has also led her to practice with wildlife at the the Earthfire Institute in Idaho.

Sophie was ordained as a nun in the Buddhist tradition in Burma in 2011 under Sayadaw U Khantidhadja.

She spent two and a half years in Asia, studying with teachers such as Sayadaw U Tejanyia and Sayadaw U Pandita.

She also studied and practised in Malaysia, thanks to the generosity of a small community guided by Ms Yeoh.  She disrobed in 2013 and is interested in a secular approach to contemplative practice.

She teaches meditation in a way that responds to the challenges of our time.   She completed the Bodhi College Meditation Teacher Program, under the guidance of Martina &  Stephen Batchelor.


2018-2022 Teacher Training Program, Bodhi College, UK.
2018 MBCAS instructor training, mindfulness for seniors, Université Libre, Belgium.
2017 8-week MBSR training, UMASS center for mindfulness, United States.



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